Artistic Statement

     My work has always been concerned with the environment that it lives in.  In a day and age where people are still arguing whether human’s have an impact on the environment, I think this is a stupid discussion that shouldn’t stop us from continuing on to further discussions of what action we can enact.

            My usually comes in the forms of plays but also is produced through my comedic performances in my stand-up and improv comedy.  It focuses on the inadvertent actions we take in our day-to-day lives and how those can have drastic consequences for others’ lives in the world and the future.  It also focuses on the rigidity of our current society and how it can be hard to break free from the certain categories we are put in.

            My current play, Coywolves, explores the story of my niece and sister’s strained relationship during the time of severe climate change, which is only worsened by a Trump administration.  My sister desperately wants my niece to go to college but my niece thinks this is pointless and outdated.  This issue mixed with my niece’s grandparents being illegal immigrants only stresses her life more to the point where she considers leaving my sister’s house altogether to try and make it on her own.

            I like to use comedic/Brechtian styling when writing my plays, since Brecht is inherently comedic.  I switch between two worlds using sound and make my characters distortions of themselves at times when they act in a truly absurd manner. 

            My plays won’t fix the problems I bring up but I do believe that they can take the conversation to a place that isn’t as stagnated.